Interlocked Squares

Square Dance Club

Cupertino, California

C-1 Class

Interlocked Squares offers a C-1 class every few years. Our current class is just starting up:

  • Thursdays - 7:00-9:00pm
  • 12 & 19 October 2017 - Open Nights
  • 26 October 2017 - Regular Class Schedule Begins (not an open night)

The class is expected to run through May.

The fee is $175, payable on the first regular class night, 26 October. (Based on the anticipated number of sessions, this is equivalent to $7.25 per session.)

The class will be held most weeks at Hyde Middle School in Cupertino. Circumstances at the school may require that we occasionally use an alternate location; if that happens the location for that week will be posted on the calendar page of our web site. In most cases the alternate location will be St. Andrews Church in Palo Alto.

If you think you might be interested in taking this class, please let us know by sending a note to:

If you know somebody else for whom this class might be suitable, please refer them to this page or give them a flyer.



Our classes are intended for dancers who already are able to dance full "all position" A-2 (e.g., as called at the monthly PACE dances). Current C-1 dancers who want to sharpen their skills and former C-1 dancers who want a complete review are also welcome.

Students are expected to study the definitions of the calls to be taught each week:

We recommend the definitions published by Vic Ceder, which are available both online and in the form of printed books:

Additional resources that you may find helpful:

Because this is a fast-moving class, not all Advanced dancers will be ready for it. To be better prepared for -- and to do better while attending -- this class we recommend:

  • Attending relatively challenging A-2 dances, such as the Friday dances held monthly by PACE.
  • Regularly attending Stanford Quads (APD Plus with star tips) on Sunday evenings.
  • Continuously studying definitions (either online or by ordering the book), both of calls/concepts already covered and of those coming up soon.

Past Classes

2007 CLASS
2010 CLASS
2013 CLASS